Zeiss Lens Families

SLR Lenses

  • Otus lenses, which are similar to their cine lenses, all have an f-stop of 1.4. There are three lenses in this lineup the 28mm, 55 mm and 85mm. 
  • The Standard lens line up is the Milvus Lens line-up designed for SLR cameras, it comes with either a Canon or Nikon lens mount. The lineup includes 15mm(f2.8), 21mm(f2), 35mm(f2), 50mm(f1.4), 85mm(f1.4), 100mm(f2) and 135mm(f2). They are also designed for videographers in mind.
  • The classic lens called Zeiss Planar are manual focus lenses that made for Canon, Nikon, Leica and Sony cameras. This family of lenses includes 25mm(f2), 28mm(f2.8), 50mm(f1.4), 50mm(f2 Makro), 85mm(f1.4) and100mm(f2 Makro).
  • The Sony/ZEISS A mount lens family are autofocus lenses designed specifically for Sony A-mount cameras which include 24mm(f2), 50mm(f1.4), 85mm(f1.8), 135mm(f1.8), 16-35mm(f2.8), 16-80mm(f3.4-4.5), and 24-70mm(f2.8). 

    CSC Lenses for mirrorless cameras

    • The Batis E-mount lens line that was introduced in 2015 specifically for the Sony Full Frame cameras. The lens family currently includes an 18mm(f2.8), 25mm(f2) and 85mm(f1.8). There are strong rumours that a135mm is to be released in shortly. These lenses are autofocus lenses which integrated into the camera’s 5 axis stabilisation.
    • Loxia E-mount lenses are a manual focus set of lenses designed specifically for the Sony A series cameras. The lens family includes a 21mm(f2.8), 35mm(f2), 50mm(f2) and a 85mm(f2.4).
    • The Touit family of lenses is designed for both the Sony E-mount and Fujifilm X-mount APSC mirrorless cameras. They are autofocus lens in the following field of views 12mm(f2.8 18mm equivalent), 32mm(f1.8 50mm equivalent) and 50mm(f2.8 75mm equivalent). 
    • Then there is the Sony/ZEISS lens which currently has 8 lenses in this family, and this lens family is expanding rapidly.

    Zeiss Explains Lens Nomenclature

    In a dialogue, between Bertram Honlinger and Lensvid, Zeiss lens nomenclature is explained.

    Zeiss Ikon System

    These two families of lenses are designed for the M-mount Leica rangefinder cameras, as well as Zeiss’s own Ikon Camera. There are 12 lenses in this lineup.