High ISO Noise Reduction by Dierk Topp

Dierk Topp writes about a method of using high ISO bursts and photoshop to reduce noise levels in your handheld night shots. The full article can be found on the Sony Alpha Rumours Site his workflow goes as follows:

  1. I compared the normal shutter with the silent shutter and found a small advantage of the normal shutter
  2. I did not do any editing in LR, only the standard settings (for example sharpening)
  3. I tried to reduce the chroma noise but found, that the results get softer
  4. make sure, that you synchronize all image
  5. load the images into Photoshop as layers
  6. I use Lightroom and export the images to Photoshop as layers.
  7. in Photoshop I select all layers
  8. edit: Auto-Align Layers
  9. layers: smart objects -> convert to smart objects
  10. layers: Smart Objects -> Stack mode -> Mean
  11. crop image to eliminate some empty space at the edges of the camera movement during the shooting
Here is one example of his results, for more detail and more examples I encourage you to go to this article.
Original Image courtesy of Dierk Topp Click here to go to the site.