Upgrading to the X-T3?

X-T3 versus the XPro-2

Currently, I own an X-Pro 2 and have been looking at the new X-T3 to see if there is enough of an improvement to consider trading up to this new model. Having handled the camera for an hour and gone through its features with some representatives and local experts, I was impressed. So impressed that I left with the strong impression that I should be upgrading my camera, as many of the features were an advantage to my habit of full manual shooting and my current projects involving bracketing and stitching.
However, as Photokina is still about to open and there is the prospect of a new series of camera announcements including the possibility of a medium format Fujifilm camera. It did not make sense to jump on the X-T3. But that should not stop me from looking at what the advantages of upgrading might be. Which I have done below, the only thing that is unclear at the moment is the new BSI sensor in this camera should provide better dynamic range, but without the ability to compare RAW files it is not possible to determine if this is true. Unfortunately, the reviewers are all over the place, some saying it has worse noise at higher ISO, and no difference and others is contradicting this finding. However, the performance is better at the native ISO
So here are the Pros and Cons of upgrading without any idea of whether or not there is an IQ improvement.


– Faster fps which are good for bracketing
– Better quality viewfinder
– Multiple viewfinder displays better for manual shooting
– Flexible screen wonderful knee saver
– Night shooting mode lighting
– Bluetooth for GPS tagging will save me a lot of time
– Bluetooth for sending files to phone as well
– It is a smaller package
– The lock on lock off on all dials including the diopter a nice bonus
– tapping the screen to set off the shutter is an exciting way to take photos (you can isolate areas of the touchscreen to be active or not)
– The pre-shot setting takes multiple shots before and after the shutter and stores up to 40 in the buffer that you can select from to store to the card.
– USB C is included to power the camera from a brick.

(Not sure if the touchscreen is a good thing or bad)
(7 custom jpg engines you can program yourself was intriguing)
(It has focus check like the Sony with on-off capacity)
(Blackout free shooting at 30fps is kind of cool but at 16 megapixels)


– If the noise reduction or image quality is worse, then that is a deal breaker
– It is heavier
– It is less ergonomically easy to use

Sept 2018 New 24mp Mirrorless of Note

Below is the X-T3 alongside the new Nikon Z6 and the Sony A7III. All three cameras are in the same megapixel range the X-T3 at 26MP and the other two at 24MP. However, the X-T3 is an APS-C sensor, unlike the other two full frame mirrorless cameras. l


Three Blind Men and an Elephant

Comparison Chart

Lens&Camera CA$2680 CA$3398 CA$5198 CA$4550 CA$5950 CA$7575 CA$8640
Tax CA$322 CA$408 CA$624 CA$546 CA$714 CA$909 CA$1037
Total CA$3002 CA$3806 CA$5822 CA$5096 CA$6664 CA$8484 CA$9677
Difference  -CA$5482 -CA$4678 -CA$2662 -CA$3388 -CA$1820 CA$0 CA$1193
Price of Body CA$1900 CA$2599 CA$4399 CA$2600 CA$4000 CA$5700 CA$8640
sq mm sensor 329 864 864 864 864 1452 1452
$ per sq.mm CA$5.78 CA$3.01 CA$5.09 CA$3.01 CA$4.63 CA$3.93 CA$5.95
Mount Dia. 44 55 55 46 46 65 61
pixel pitch 3.76 5.94 4.35 5.91 4.5 5.3 5.3
Stabilization no 5-axis 5-axis 5-axis 5-axis no no
Sensor Shift no
Card Slots 2 1 1 2 2 2 2
Low Pass Fil. no Yes No No No  No No
Megapixels 26 24 46 24 42 51 51
Weight 539 g 675 g 675 g 650 g 657 g 775 g 725 g
Battery Life 390 330 330 710 650 400
EVF Res. 3,690,000 3,690,000 3,690,000 2,359,296 3,686,400 3,690,000 2,360,000
Base ISO 160 100 64 100 100 100
Focus Points 425 273 493 693 399 425 117
Age of Camera Sep 6, 2018 Aug 23, 2018 Aug 23, 2018 Feb 27, 2018 Oct 25, 2017 Sep 25, 2018 Jun 22, 2016
Frame/sec 20 12fps 9fps 10fps 10fps 3fps 2.3fps
50mm Lens CA$780.00 CA$799.00 CA$799.00 CA$1950.00 CA$1950.00 CA$1875.00
Fine Arts
Hi resolution, and high Image Quality
Low resolution, high burst rate and best autofocus
Best video options and excellent stabilization
Low cost, medium resolution. Light weight and smaller.


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