Fujifilm X Summit Shibuya


  • 50mm f1.0 lens
  • High Dynamic Range in Camera Creation to be added to X cameras
  • Multiple Focus Bracketing will autodetect how many shots will be require and these images can be combined in you computer afterward
  • Multiple Exposure shooting is expanded from 2 images to 9
  • A Drone/Gimbal has been developed to control both the shutter, exposure settings and autofocus point.
  • X-Pro3 introduced with three cameras all made from titanium two with a dura coating.
  • Discussion around the new 16-80 F4 constant lens.

X-Pro3 Details

  • The EVF is redesigned with higher resolutions, higher contrast, wider colour space, brighter, and with a higher frame rate
  • Small screen on LCD when it is closed showing either the basic camera settings or an image of the film stock being used. The film stock image remains on the screen even if the camera is turned off.
  • The hidden LCD folds downward. It is hinged at the bottom 180 degrees. This is to facilitate low and high shooting while keeping it smaller.
  • The camera is now more durable with the titanium body and dura coating as well as more lightweight.
  • The camera will have a new film mode called “Classic Negative.”
  • The remaining features will be announced on the 23rd of October, 2019. At this time cameras will be at events in 100 cities around the world.