X100V the Iconic Street Camera

This is the fifth generation of the X100 made by Fujifilm and it has seen some significant upgrades in this iteration. For those unfamiliar with camera. It is a very compact large sensor (APSC) rangefinder camera with a fixed 35mm lens. It has a unique hybrid viewfinder, the can operate either as a optical or electronic viewfinder. The camera has a leaf shutter usually only found in large medium format cameras. In addition to it being very small, light it is also very easy to operate as it has an Aperture, ISO, Speed and Compensation dial, as well as a front and back that can be programmed.


  • Reengineer 35mm f2 fixed lens integrated with a 26 megapixel BSI sensor.
  • It has an X-tran sensor (not Bayer) for sharper images with out moire.
  • A build in 4-stop ND filter
  • A touch LCD screen that tilts with 1.62M resolution
  • A 3.60M Organic light-emitting diode electronic viewfinder that can be switch to an optical viewfinder
  • Single SD card slot
  • USB C headphone connection
  • 2.5mm mic port.
  • Built in Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Integrated through “app” to smartphones for downloading and remote camera operation.
  • Magnesium alloy, aluminum frame.
  • It has both electronic and mechanical shutter.
Gordon Laing’s in Depth Review