Vancouver Street Photography Collective

This year the Capture Photography Festival has included a virtual exhibition called Here and Gone: Photos of an Ephemeral City. The exhibition was put together by the Vancouver Street Photography Collective. This is a group that began to form in late 2018 and began meeting in 2019. It is a group of passionate street photographers, who also have an interest in documenting the rapidly changing urban environment that you find in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Although it is a passion for photography that motives them, they are also generating a visual record of the cities flux, while capturing unique elements that have managed to remain unchanged or hidden.

Given I am writing this in a time of social isolation I am not sure how this group is organizing themselves, but they do have a fairly good virtual presence.

In order to support the collective, they have established a website, in addition to this, they organize photo walks, meetups, workshops, exhibitions and events. The group appears at the moment to be twenty-six members strong and growing. Although I have not engaged with this group it does sound very exciting and a great opportunity for people to explore their photography. They also have an Instagram group, and a Facebook presence. Their meetups can be found on Eventbrite.

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