Colliding Fronts

As I started out, the rain turned to sleet-rain. I recalled earlier having to adjust the barometer, which had dropped from high to a low. Driving South a few minutes, the rain let up, so I stopped to check out the waterfront, but very quickly the rain caught up with me, to the South-West, there was a very bright band of sky hovering between the Mountains and the dark clouds.

Further South, the waterfront became more windy and agitated with the tides overtopping the breakwaters and spraying round pebbles through gaps in the wall onto the sidewalk. A sudden break in the clouds grew more robust in the South, and the wind reversed direction.

The storm was being pushed Northward as more white clouds and a blue sky appeared. Reaching the port, a large container ship was safely inside the harbour’s breakwater for emergency engine repairs. It made the expanse of the harbour shrink with its altitude and breadth. It made me think of what was on it. Perhaps mostly filled with short-lived objects that will meet the landfill in a year or two. How are we caught in the endless cycle of waste?

Turning around to head back, the blue sky had overtaken the storm, and I could see it retreating from the Lekwungen redoubt hill. Most of its furry spent.