Present in Memory

No Right Turn

My presence is both what is before me and my memories merging moving me into the future, predicting, estimating and conflicting. We are both present at the moment and not present at the same time. Our world is often filled with contradictions, experiencing these moments, this duplicity, we do not question it. Neither the oppositional nature of the experience nor its immediate impact seems to arrest our movement forward. We speed past the moment, thinking it will be examined later, but later never comes. We are in these moments of many worlds. 

Window Memories

The merging of these moments in images reflects these moments of dissidence. The work is about how we inhabit dichotomies that propel us forward, the experience of my moments. The work is about my movement through these moments and how focus and memory or analog and digital is at play. 

Are You Wynning

The dust is settling on library shelves as the hum of servers being cooled in closets behind the shelving isles, engages patrons at the library monitors, or allows for remote access to digital books and journals. We see, touch, taste and feel our way through the world to reach these monitors into which we commit details from our senses. Details that mix with scanned and photographed images from the multitude of devices we groom. The flow is automatic from the machines that monitor our health, homes, businesses and algorithms that track our movements and our searching. It is an accelerating information highway whose lanes are ever-expanding and on which a traveller is increasingly challenged to see a clear direction. Challenged by how to anchor information in fact. Challenged by the emergence of increasingly complex contradictory input, compounding our struggle to reach our destinations.


The work is presented in a series of images created by merging digital and analogy experimental photography into a single image and then printed on cotton paper with pigment inks in limited additions of 20. The images are personal and represent the collision of my presence in the moment and the memories that informed those moments. The images are of the places I have created, where memories and presence merge strongly. Places, where what, was before me and my memories resonated.

The Exhibit
Alkalinity Field
Homing In
Ghost of Bare Trees
December Climate Winds
Market Liquidity
From the Interior
Evening Stratum Memories