NIK Software

In 1995 in Hamburg, Nils Kokemohr founded the Nik Software company, which eventually grew into a software research company. In 2006 they collaborated with Nikon, which held 35% of the company, which led to the development of Capture NX for Nikon cameras. Their plugin software can be integrated into Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One and DXO and has become very popular with digital photographs. In 2011 Nik developed the Snapseed APP for iOS. In my opinion one of the best comprehensive processors for iOS for many years. The strength of this software was noticed by Google, who then bought the company in 2012. Google then used the engineering of this software to improve their software up until 2016, when it was then purchased by DXO where it has continued to be improved.

Nik Software is composed of eight software programs :

The integration into other photography processing software facilitates the ability to move TIFF files back and forth within the catalogues of these programs. In addition to this, Nik allows for two types of Tiff files flat ones and smart ones that contain the Nik edits. The latter type will enable you to go back into Nik and reverse or modify changes to the file.

Nik Collection Youtube Channel

Nik has a Youtube channel to help users learn the various elements of the eight programmes. The example below describes using the “U-Points” in some of it’s programs.