Apeiron Exhibition

The Apeiron Exhibition at the Xchanges Gallery and Studios has ended. We want to thank all the amazing people who took in the exhibition, the wonderful people of Eastend, the dedicated Eastend Arts Council / Wallace Stegner House and the Xchanges Gallery and Studios.

Apeiron is a photo-based exhibition depicting life in a small prairie agricultural community on a vast landscape. Two artists engage in a visual dialogue about their perceptions of geography, history, economic hardship, and multifaceted culture. This exhibition invites viewers to immerse themselves in the environment and emotions these images of prairie life evoke.

The Apeiron exhibition results from April 2022, Artists in Residence at the Wallace Stegner House in Eastend, Saskatchewan. His childhood home is set in a land where geology, history and human habitation are intertwined in a town that is an incubator for artists, historians and writers from around the world that find their way to Eastend set among the coulees of Cypress Hills on the old Red Coat Trail, where Sitting Bull retreated.