100mp MF Camera with a 63mm Lens

100mp Medium Format Sensor Cameras

It has been a few years since Fujifilm and Hasselblad produced their first mirrorless style medium format cameras, the GFX and the X2D. Since then, they have been refined and moved from an older 50 mp sensor to a new back BSI CMOS 100 mp sensor. In January 2024, Hasselblad released their 907x 100c camera, unlike the GFX or X2D cameras, as it is compatible with their older film cameras and is created in that style. It is a unique and beautiful camera and is highly modular. It does include one feature that is almost unique in the camera market: 1TB of onboard storage.

I thought the best way to compare pricing should someone want to get into a medium format camera was to compare the pricing of a number of these cameras with just the 63mm lens. The prices are Canadian pricing found at B&H. The following chart gives you pricing as of January 2024. Remember that most people considering medium format will not allow their choice to be driven by price, although some who want to dip their toe in the water might. In the latter’s case, I have included a used option at the bottom. In this way, you can see the whole range of entry points.

In my opinion, most looking at these cameras will make the choice based on other issues. Perhaps the appeal of the modular nature of the 907x, or the compact nature of the X2D. The larger GFX may appeal to those who want to adapt the camera to many brands of heritage lenses or its rugged, weather-sealed body. These are more likely to drive the decision.

Body63mm (50 equiv.)TaxPrice
Hasselblad 907X 100cCA$11080.95CA$3717.63CA$1775.83CA$16574.41
Hasselblad X2D 100cCA$11080.95CA$3717.63CA$1775.83CA$16574.41
GFX 100iiCA$10134.90CA$2025.90CA$1459.30CA$13620.10
GFX 100sCA$5845.25CA$2025.90CA$944.54CA$8815.69

Cheapest Acquisition of 100 mp camera kit
Used GFX  100s KEHCA$3835.09CA$2025.90CA$703.32CA$6564.31

Ted Forbes Review of the 907X

He does a very good overview of the camera’s features and operations. In addition, he discusses how it can be configured using accessories and older Hasselblad cameras and parts.

Three Blind Men and an Elephant Review of the 907X

Hasselblad 907X SPECIAL EDITION & 500C/M: Back to the Future

Hugh talks about the history and fame of the camera and then suggests it has one of the best software interfaces in the industry, dual UH2 card slots which support slower SD cards, can be charged by USB-C, and 1TB of onboard storage. He then isolates some of the downsides of the camera has no audio meters, no 24fps, no remove video stop/start in the Phocus app, no digital EVF yet, no ATMI port, lack of weather sealing and, in his opinion, the lack of IBIS is problematic. He then raises several minor issues that would improve the camera’s ergonomics, including how prone the sensor is to dust.

He also goes through how to operationalize the camera for different types of photography. He then talks about how different lenses will perform on this camera and which ones fit the camera’s flange.

He concludes by comparing this camera to other medium format, full-frame cameras, and discussion lenses.