Third-party Lens for X and G mount

Fujifilm lenses, both for the X and G series, are stunning and often the best possible option for their cameras. However, with the imperfections they bring, third-party lenses can create some interesting effects. So, for those of you who like to experiment with Lensbaby lenses, heritage lenses, etc., some of the following lenses may provide some options for creativity. This is just a sampling of lenses. The X-series options focused on higher f-stop versions; of particular interest was the TTArtisan 35mm f.095. The selection of G mounts sampled the telephoto range, which had a smaller form than those manufactured by Fujifilm.

X-Mount Lenses

Voigtlander Ultron 27mm f2.0 manual $800CDN

9.3″ Minimum Focus Distance, 40mm equivalent, 10 blade aperture, with 43mm front filter thread.

TTArtisan 35mm f/0.95 Manual $270CDN

52.5mm equivalent, minimum focus distance 14″, ten blades, diaphragm, creamy bokeh, Dustin Abbott Review

Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.2 lens Manual $950 CDN

f1.2 to f16, 12 Blade diaphragm, screw lens hood, 75mm equivalent, minimum distance 1.3′,

Voigtlander Nokoton 35mm f0.9 Manual $1750CDN

One Ground Aspherical Lens Element, 62mm thread, 53mm equivalent, minimum focus. 1.15′ 12 blade diaphragm

TTArtisan 23mm f1.4, $135CDN

35mm equivalent, minimum focus, f1.4 – f16, 10 blade diaphraph, manual focus.

TTArtisan 17mm f1.4mm, $172 CDN

25.5 equivalent, 1.4-16f, minimum focus 7.9 inches, one aspherical element, manual focus nine elements eight groups, ten blade diaphragm, filter size 40.5

G-Mount Lenses

TTArtisan 90mm f1.25 Gmount, $700 CDN

f1.25-16, 11 elements in 7 groups, 4 sets of achromatic element doublets, manual focus, minimum distance 3.3′, 10 blade diaphragm, click aperture ring, front thread 77mm Review
Darren Miles Review

Mitakon Zhongi Creator 135 f2.5 lens, $400 CDN

f2.5 to f22, two extra-low dispersion elements, internal focusing, 106mm equivalent, manual focus, two ultra-high refraction index elements, round 9-blade diaphragm.

AstrHori 75mm f4, $450 CDN

f4-f16, 59mm equivalent, manual focus, eight elements in six groups, 67mm filter thread.

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