Developing your Photographic Eye

The Eyes are Blind to what the mind does not see.

This is an ongoing course for individuals interested in learning more about the art of photography. Although camera expertise varies everyone has a personal style. Through walking assignments, participants will have an opportunity to make images and discuss them in a workshop format. Discussions may cover composition techniques, various photographers’ methods, post-processing, camera techniques, and technical problem-solving that will help provide an opportunity for each participant to develop their own personal style. Instruction will be provided online via Zoom. Google Classroom will provide a secure and private platform for instructional material, after-class discussion groups, and after-class feedback. Information on connecting to Zoom and google classroom links will be emailed. Please make sure the contact information on your City of Burnaby recreation account is up to date, including email. 

This course online course is developed for Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, for more information contact, Marianne Ostterstrom, Visual Arts,

Developing and Editing Digital Photographs

Individuals or groups who want to learn or improve how they develop their photographs may request a workshop individually or as a group. Discussions and demonstrations will be centered around issues the group or individuals raise. With a basic understanding of Adobe Lightroom’s tools, you can make your photographs snap while making the process of saving and protecting your pictures simpler. What is learned with these tools is applicable to other processing software such as Capture One, DXO, etc. 

Classes can be arranged for a time convenient to an individual or a group of photographers on the following basis: a small group (3-5 students) $15.30/hr per individual; semi-private (2 students) $27/hr per individual; Private $54.07/hr per individual. Larger classes above 5 and limited to 10 students can be arranged for $8.15/hr.