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Post Process Software

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom $9.99/month Subscription Only Mac/Windows full feature RAW non-destructive editor (comes with 1TB storage or Photoshop.)
  • Affinity Photo is part of an integrated package of three pieces of software. “Photo” for photo processing, “Designer” for vector drawings, and “Publisher” for book publishing. Each piece program costs $69 each and iPad software is also available. The programs are both Mac and PC with a perpetual license.
  • Alien Skin Exposure X2 $149 Mac/Windows RAW non-destructive editor, view not catalogue, presets, layers, 
  • Capture One $413 perpetual license. subscription and standalone available non-destructive editing, presets.
  • DXO PhotoLab $129 Mac/Windows RAW non-destructive editor presets, batch processing, metadata image sorting,  (lens correction is excellent) 
  • Iridient Digital standalone version only which is RAW demosaicing software
  • Skylum (Luminar) Mac RAW non-destructive editor, layers, masking, soon to have a Digital Assets Management System
  • ON1 Photo RAW $119 (with tutorial subscription $149/yr) Mac/Windows RAW non-destructive editor, assets management, presets, masking, panorama, HDR, 
  • Photo Ninja (2015 top recommendation for Fujifilm cameras)
  • Should you export your files as PNG or JPG

Free Software

  • Gimp (free software somewhat limited)
  • Photo by Apple comes free with iPhone, iMac or iPad
  • Google Photos, comes free with Google Account
  • RAW Therapee free RAW processor that runs on iOS, Windows and Linux

Video Editing

Lightroom Presets

iPhonography and Photo Expedition Planning Software

  • iPhoneography Central a great iPhone photography site.
  • 645 PRO Mk III allows you to take over the iPhone camera as if it was a camera, giving you full control of the controls you would have on a camera
  • AccuWeather app provides accurate weather and warnings for planning your photography excursions. This app is available in Windows, Android and Apple versions.
  • My Tide Times very useful for planning to shoot in areas near the sea.
  • PlanIt! is the all-in-one solution that is designed to leverage the map and simulated viewfinder technologies to provide the necessary tools for photographers to pre-visualize the scene in combination with the ground subjects and the celestial objects such as the Sun, the Moon, Stars, Star-trails and Milky Way.
  • PS Express, Adobe Photoshop Express Excellent free software with some professional style adjustment tools.
  • Adobe Photoshop Fix for iPhone and Android has liquify, heal, smoothy and colour tools.
  • RAW Power unlocks the RAW engine of the Apple Camera, and includes non-destructive editing. The software is Mac OS
  • Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by NIK software which has been bought by Google. Excellent software.
  • Skyview excellent app for orienting yourself to constellations when shooting them at night, also identifies satellites and the space station. Also available in Android. 
  • TPE The Photographer’s Ephemeris this is software is available for desktop, iOS and Android. It allows you plan natural light shoots using a map interface that gives you the direction and position of the sun and moon for any location.

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